Hear from our Science teacher…

My teaching philosophy has always been that children learn best through inquiry based, hands-on, engaging activities that inspire a love for learning. Science lends itself to this philosophy so easily and we are going to have so much fun this year learning about topics such as properties of matter, plants & animals, weather & the water cycle, force & motion, participating in STEM activities, and soaking in as much about our natural world as we can. I am currently brainstorming a mini unit on our solar system to begin our year and build up to the total solar eclipse of 2017 on August 21st! I can’t wait to work together, get our hands dirty, and fascinate & inspire our kids to be invested caretakers of the wonderful world we live in.

I have my Masters Degree in Elementary Education and experience teaching in the public schools. Redwood is a breath of fresh air, and our whole family is thankful and excited!