Hear from our Japanese teacher…

My name is Shino Knudsen.  I will be teaching Japanese at Redwood Cooperative School this year.  It is my goal not only to give the students a good foundation in Japanese language skills, but also to make the classes fun and interesting in the hopes of inspiring a life-long interest in other languages and cultures.  In Japanese class we begin with building a strong base of the fundamentals of Japanese pronunciation, reading/writing skills, as well as vocabulary, then move on to beginning simple conversation. We also have a focus on learning about Japanese culture, with monthly special lessons and activities focusing on a different aspect of Japanese culture such as Japanese cooking, music, holidays, etc.

This will be my third year teaching Japanese at Redwood and I am very excited to build on the amazing progress that the continuing students have made and begin with all of the new students who are just beginning their Redwood adventure! I believe that learning another language is not only a useful skill, but is also a door that opens up a whole other world of possibilities and a perspective into different ways of thinking.