Redwood Cooperative School is committed to environmental sustainability and represent this commitment by:

  • recycling and composting our waste
  • using environmentally safe soaps and cleaning supplies throughout the school
  • conserving energy
  • fostering an appreciation of nature by incorporating nature and outdoor education in all areas of our curriculum
  • being part of the Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools Program
  • participating in the National Energy Education Development Program
  • hosting the annual Gobble Grease Toss in partnership with LFUCG and the U.K. Center for Applied Energy Research
  • facilitating environmental education professional development opportunities for faculty

Future efforts include:

  • having a dedicated team of student leaders who will initiate school environmental and service learning efforts 
  • growing our own food in our designated gardens on campus
  • planting pollinator and rain gardens 
  • installing rain barrels 
  • replacing fluorescent tube lights with LED tube lights
  • whatever our team of student leaders come up with!