Community Engagement

At Redwood Cooperative School, we recognize that it truly does take a village to help our students become lifelong learners.  Forming relationships and partnerships with individuals and organizations within the community is of importance to Redwood in achieving this goal.

  • Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools
    • Redwood Cooperative School is proud to be a member of the Kentucky Green and Healthy School Program.  During the 2016-2017 school year, we became a candidate school in the program and are looking forward to completing projects to satisfy all nine of the environmental improvement categories that the KGHS program designates.

  • University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research & Kelley Green biofuel
    • We have found an excellent way to recycle all of the used cooking oil from the Gobble Grease toss into a renewable energy source!  The UK Center for Applied Energy Research accepts the used cooking oil from Redwood, uses some for renewable energy research and the rest is picked up by Kelley Green biofuel for conversion into usable biofuel.

  • National Energy Education Development (NEED)
    • The NEED project celebrates energy education and provides valuable resources to teachers and schools to help promote energy education and conservation.  Redwood teachers have attended or will attend NEED teacher workshops and our students conduct energy conservation projects throughout the year.

If you would like to partner with Redwood, please contact Sarah Cummins.