Mission Statement

Redwood Cooperative School was established in 2014 with the goal of encouraging children’s creativity and curiosity through constructivist, project-based learning.  Through this experiential education we aim to create a learning environment that nurtures the whole child, promoting equally all disciplines of education from Language Arts and Writing, to Math, Science, Social Studies, Play and Physical Education, Nature, Music and Visual Arts.


Philosophy Statement

The philosophy of the Redwood Cooperative School is that children learn best when their innate curiosity, creativity and thirst for knowledge are indulged. We artfully weave together multiple threads to create an enriching atmosphere where our students are free to create and explore far beyond the limits of conventional schooling. Our programs are rich in the arts, maintain a consistent connection to nature, and offer an abundance of opportunities for the development of social, emotional, and life skills. All instruction shall be offered in at least the English language and subjects for the primary years include, but are not limited to: reading, writing, spelling, grammar, music, art, history, mathematics, science, and civics.

At Redwood, we celebrate diversity by providing a learning experience that is individualized for each child. While our philosophy and programs are unique, what sets us apart the most from all other schools in Lexington is the cooperative structure of our school. The parents at Redwood Cooperative School help facilitate operations of the school; from administration to maintenance, to assisting in the classroom and beyond. This structure is very special because it forms a strong foundation of commitment and care, and outstanding role-modeling of cooperation, teamwork, work ethic, and friendship for our children.