Redwood Cooperative is excited to welcome an incredible talented teaching faculty for the 2021-2022 school year.

Pre-K 1

Kate Greer, Co-Lead Teacher        Alicia Boone-Shackleford, Co-Lead Teacher


Pre-K 2

Megan Crawford, Co-Lead Teacher     Shayla Herron, Co-Lead Teacher


Early Elementary 1 (K/1)

Stacey Springer, Lead Teacher              Alisha Brock, Assistant Teacher       


Early Elementary 2 (K/1)

Alicia Vance, Lead Teacher                Shayne Wagner, Assistant Teacher


Lower Elementary 1 (2nd/3rd)

Lauren York, Lead Teacher                        Alisha Min, Assistant Teacher


Lower Elementary 2 (2nd/3rd)

Ann Eason, Lead Teacher                       Jill Shearer, Assistant Teacher


Upper Elementary (4th/5th)

Michael Ginter, Co-Lead Teacher                      Sasha Holt, Co-Lead Teacher


Middle (6th/7th)

Moira Dalibor, Co-Lead Teacher                     Molly Franklin, Co-Lead Teacher


Specialist Classes

Carrie Blaydes, Art                                        Jessica Pearl French, Music


Mattie Bashorun, Spanish Language       Ashley Coning, Science



 Shelby Smedley, PE Teacher


Extended Programs

Shadey Cole