Redwood Cooperative is excited to welcome an incredible talented teaching faculty for the 2019-2020 school year.

Pre-K 1

Leslee Zonio, Co-Lead Teacher

Rachel Rawlings, Co-LeadTeacher

Pre-K 2

Lauren York, Co-Lead Teacher

Megan Crawford, Co-Lead Teacher


Alison Urs, Lead Teacher

Jill Shearer, Assistant Teacher

Tracy Lawson, Assistant Teacher


Stacey Springer, Lead Teacher

Kate Greer, Assistant Teacher

Lower Elementary 1 (Second and Third)

Alicia Vance, Lead Teacher

Rebecca Young, Assistant Teacher

Lower Elementary 2 (Second and Third)

Ann Eason, Lead Teacher

Dawn Blair, Assistant Teacher

Upper Elementary (Fourth and Fifth)

Jim Barrick, Lead Teacher

Sasha Holt, Assistant Teacher

Middle (Sixth)

Moira Dalibor, Lead Teacher

Specialist Classes

Aurora Parrish, Art

Carrie Blaydes, Art

Emily Carter, Japanese

Tiffany Mattingly, Music

Chris Mattingly, Music

Brian Connors Manke, Music

Gloriany Babá Ortiz, P.E.

Ashley Coning, Science

Early Drop-off

Alex Stocker

Extended Day

Amanda Phillips

Tracy Lawson

Sara Estorer

Shadey Cole

Rachael Parker