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Student's will be registered on a first come, first serve basis. We will notify you if the extracurricular has reached capacity. You will be invoiced at the email address that you provide below for your extracurricular selections. Payment is due prior to the start of the first session.

Extracurricular Selections

I am signing my student up for the following extracurricular opportunities for session 1.
Teacher: Chris Mattingly, Redwood Elementary and Middle School Music Teacher. Limit: 8 students. About this class: Childbloom guitar is a program of instruction on guitar that teaches the fundamentals of music notation, technique and beginning guitar literature in the classic style. Students in this class will have fun with their groupmates learning exciting and entertaining music in a classroom setting. This class is a great precursor to later studies in music in all styles and on all instruments. Class size is limited to eight students. Students will need to rent or purchase their own guitar and a classical guitar footstool. You can contact cmattingly@redwoodcoop.org for help with this.
Teacher: Sarah Smitha, Redwood Pre-K Music Teacher; Limit: 12 students; About this class: Sarah Smitha, owner of Candy Mountain Music and Redwood Pre-K Music Teacher, is also Kentucky’s only licensed facilitator of Inamojo SEL learning adventures. Inamojo courses are guided by contemporary best practice in Early Childhood Development to help elementary aged children with lessons and skills that will help them navigate life’s challenges with greater understanding- of themselves and others- and greater resilience. Each class in the 9 week series focuses on a different key developmental theme: trusting instincts; managing emotions; self esteem; compassion for others; truthful communication; intuition and imagination; self awareness and spiritual connection. Using a carefully structured mix of stories, music, movement, mindfulness, sharing circle, and creative art, children will work with themselves and one another to help a friendly dragon called Naga remember who he is. Class by class, the children will embody the characters in the story, express their feelings around the themes and learn important lesson about themselves along the way. Treasure chests will be given out week 1 for the children to collect special stones after completing adventures each week.
Teacher Alicia Vance, Redwood Lower Elementary Teacher. Limit: 12 students; About this class: Do you want your child to have better focus, self-discipline, balance, coordination, and build confidence? But more importantly would your child like to try their hand at shooting a bow and arrow? In this extracurricular, you will learn safety, the parts of a bow, how it works, the proper stance, how to load the arrow, and aim during this hands on introduction to archery!
Teacher: Ashley Coning, Redwood Elementary and Middle School Science Teacher; Limit: 8 students; About this class: Junior STEM Club- Dive into the world of science! Students will experience the scientific process through hands on experiments and engaging demonstrations.
Teacher: Crystal Hoskins; Limit: 12 students; About this class: This yoga class, designed for younger students, will utilize a variety of yoga activities to keep your child engaged. Poses will be used to help the children focus their minds and stretch their bodies in a fun and safe environment. The skills learned in this class will give them to tools that they need to create their own yoga practice at home. Crystal Hoskins is a graduate of the Lexington Healing Arts Academy with a yoga teacher certification and a certification in Kidding Around Yoga, a yoga program specifically geared to children. She's also Mom to fourth grade Redwood student, Asher.
Teacher: Emily Carter, Redwood Japanese Teacher; Limit: 7 students; About this class: Creating a piece of functional art is one of the most rewarding accomplishments there is! In this extracurricular, we will learn basic and intermediate stitches for varying purposes, how to read patterns, using a needle and thread, using a sewing machine, and creating basic garments and household items. Learning to sew, even just to mend a tear or add a button, is a fun, valuable hands-on skill that will never lose its usefulness, and can keep used items out of landfills!
Teacher: Chris Mattingly, Redwood Elementary and Middle School Music Teacher; Limit: 8 students; About this class: This class is for students interested in popular styles of music. Students will learn to play simple popular songs on the following instruments - guitar, electric bass, ukulele and voice. Vocal excercise and warmups will be a part of every class meeting. Students will need to rent or purchase their own guitar and a classical guitar footstool. You can contact cmattingly@redwoodcoop.org for help with this.
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