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Student's will be registered on a first come, first serve basis. We will notify you if the extracurricular has reached capacity. You will be invoiced at the email address that you provide below for your extracurricular selections. Payment is due prior to the start of the first session.

Extracurricular Selections

I am signing my student up for the following extracurricular opportunities for session 1.
Teacher: Moira Dalibor, Redwood Middle School Teacher. Limit: 12 students. About this class: Join us as we use stories as windows into the lives and cultures of people all over the world. Each week, students will read a book, listen to music, and make a craft that will highlight a different culture. Come with us on an expedition around the globe!
Teacher: Gloriany E. Baba, Redwood P.E. Teacher Limit: 8 students; About this class: In this class, students will learn the basic skills of table tennis in this exciting new offering, with our Redwood PE teacher, Ms. Gloriany. Gloriany is a retired member of the National Table Tennis team from Puerto Rico and also a certified Coach for the Puertorrican Table Tennis Federation.
Teacher Sarah Smitha, Redwood Pre-K Music Teacher and owner of Candymountain Music. Limit: 12 students; About this class: Making money is just one thing entrepreneurs do. They can also find solutions to big problems, help the environment, inspire communities and make people smile. My daughter started her own bath bomb business at age 10 and made $350 in a month to be able to sponsor several children at the Angel Tree during the holidays. This 6 week series will focus on coming up with a mission, an idea, business plans, marketing, and giving back in a KID-centric way! A great way to encourage those that already have an idea and inspire those interested in making a difference in the lives of those around them through creativity and entrepreneurship. This engaging class is taught by Sarah Smitha, owner of Candymountain Music and Redwood Pre-K music teacher.
Teacher: Jacob Gonzalez, Redwood parent; Limit: 10 students; About this class: Join us for this soccer extracurricular as we work on developing age-appropriate soccer skills, as well as team development and a good work ethic. Jacob Gonzalez, dad to Milo (third grade) and Maxine (pre-k) has coached youth soccer for the past four years and is excited to bring his skills to Redwood students. He will be joined by Ms. Gloriany, Redwood PE teacher, for this class.
Teacher: Shadey Cole, Redwood Extended Day Teacher; Limit: 12 students; About this class: Come experience beginning dance class for little ones! We will work on basic dance techniques, simple choreography, creative movement to enhance our gross motor skills. This class is taught by Shadey Cole, Redwood extended day teacher. Shadey has a background in dance (ballet, hip hop, jazz, and contemporary) as well as in cheerleading, and is currently pursuing a degree in early childhood education.
Teacher: Jodi Brewer, Redwood parent and board member; Limit: 10 students; About this class: Seasonal living grounds us to the present. There’s no easier way to learn and love to live seasonally than by expressing it with the food we eat. This class will teach basic baking and decorating techniques that will help your child add magic to the fall and winter season. Since nothing says 'I love you' or 'I am thinking about you' like something homemade, they will also learn simple packaging ideas during each week of class. Some weeks your kiddo will come home with treats and some weeks they will leave them at school for the teachers to enjoy, as a simple act of compassion! This class is taught by Jodi Brewer, mom to Isabella in fourth grade. Jodi has a passion for baking and decorating and has taken several community and online decorating classes. As the only family member entrusted with her grandmother's holiday cookie and candy recipes, your young bakers are in great hands!
Teacher: Crystal Hoskins, Redwood parent; Limit: 12 students; About this class: In this class, taugh by Crystal Hoskins, mom to Asher in fourth grade and Registered Yoga Teacher, students will learn skills in movement, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We will focus on more awareness of ourselves and our body through music and movement. Through stories and activities we will learn to be mindful of our feelings and emotions, and we will use our breath and posing to meditate on bringing peace and balance into daily life.
Teacher: Alex Stocker, Redwood Parent Involvement Coordinator and Redwood Substitute Teacher; Limit: 8 students; About this class: In this introduction to scrapbooking, students will create an "All About Me" scrapbook. During this class, they will learn how to create unique designs and layouts to showcase their favorite pictures. Each week we will focus on a custom page including: favorite things, families, pets, vacations, activities and a self-portrait. Parents will be asked to either provide copies of photos or send digitial files to be printed for this class. Alex Stocker, Redwood Involvement Coordinator and regular substitute teacher, is excited to share her love of crafting with Redwood students!
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