Family Involvement

We encourage families to be involved in every aspect of their child’s educational experience and, as a cooperative, we rely on family involvement. 

Families may choose different tuition options, depending on the level of classroom involvement they have in the school.  The lowest amount of tuition requires the highest level of classroom involvement. 

Families work in the classroom as assistants to the teachers and assistant teachers.  They help supervise children under the direction of classroom teachers, help set up activities, perform cleaning tasks for the classroom, and may even be asked to lead a small group activity, depending on their experience and comfort level. 

Families also perform tasks for the school throughout the year. These include cleaning and other services for the school. When families perform these tasks, it allows us to continue to offer affordable tuition for a level of excellence in education that is unique to our area. 

We also offer a full tuition option that does not require the above mentioned classroom and task requirements.

Of course, there are also many other ways that families can volunteer for our school with opportunities outside of the cooperative tasks.

For the safety of our children and school, we require that each individual who plans to work in the classroom or school has first completed a background check.