Redwood Cooperative is excited to welcome an incredible talented teaching faculty for the 2017-2018 school year.  Read more about our wonderful teachers here.

Alicia Vance

Alicia Vance joins Redwood as the lead teacher for the blended class of first and second graders. Mrs. Vance is a veteran teacher who holds a master’s degree in education and has taught kindergarten, first, and second grade for 18 years. She is committed to helping students reach their potential and become passionate and successful lifelong learners. Her talents lie in differentiating lessons to meet the needs of all students. She relocated to the Lexington area 2 years ago with her husband and three children and is excited to join our team of teachers. In Mrs. Vance’s words: “I feel very inspired that there are still parents, community members, and educators who have a passion for teaching children in the way they were meant to learn. I feel that Redwood meets a need that the current education system does not meet. I admire the project learning model combined with the high expectations of educating the whole child that Redwood values.” We are also excited to welcome Mrs. Vance’s son, Hayden, who will be going into third grade, to our blended class of second, third and fourth graders!


Stacey Springer

Stacey Springer will be taking the position of assistant teacher for the blended class of first and second graders. Stacey holds a bachelor’s degree in unified elementary and special education and is on her way to graduating with a master’s degree in education in May 2018. Stacey describes herself as a lifelong learner and is eager to help design and implement hands on progressive lessons to support all types of learning. Stacey has been a second and third grade teacher and an Early Head Start home visitor, before relocating to Kentucky with her husband and 18-month-old daughter. In Mrs. Springers’ words: “I believe that all children learn in their own unique way. It is a dream to be able to join a community of families and friends who also believe in educating the whole child. I hope to be able to add something special as our children learn and grow.”