Redwood Wins Award at Youth Summit

How exciting! After a lot of hard work helping our our school plan and implement environmental improvement projects, our leadership team was recognized at the Kentucky Green & Healthy Schools and The NEED Project Youth Summit. They were also awarded a scholarship to attend the National Youth Energy Conference in Washington D.C. in June!

Current accomplishments include:

-Helped the Lexington community recycle over 400 gallons of used cooking oil

-Researched, designed, built and planted a pollinator garden

-Conducted “dumpster dives” to assess our current recycling efforts, taught all Redwood students and teachers about the correct items to recycle and made signs for all of the recycling bins

-Designed and hosted booths at an earth day celebration

-Conducted a compost research project and will be teaching the school about composting and using our new school compost bin

-Built and tend a Vermicompost bin regularly

They have many more projects in the works right now. We can’t wait to see what they, along with all of our Redwood students, accomplish in the future!