Annual Giving Campaign

As a leader in progressive, cooperative education, Redwood Cooperative School is proud to provide our children with a foundation for their lifetime love of learning and to watch them blossom as they discover their potential. Redwood is able to continue to offer a remarkably low tuition for an education that is second to none, an education that develops the whole child, an education that advocates for the development of social, emotional and moral growth as well as cognitive excellence, and an education that features an appreciation for the arts and connections to outdoor learning.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our children and, for this reason, we are asking our you to give what you can to help us bridge the gap between the cost of the high-quality education Redwood provides and the tuition that we collect. Please consider supporting our Fall Giving Campaign. All the money raised through our Giving Campaign goes into the educational program and directly benefits learning.