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Student's will be registered on a first come, first serve basis. We will notify you if the extracurricular has reached capacity. You will be invoiced at the email address that you provide below for your extracurricular selections. Payment is due prior to the start of the first session.

Extracurricular Selections

I am signing my student up for the following extracurricular opportunities for session 2.
Teacher: Moira Dalibor, Upper Elementary Teacher; Limit:10 students; About the class: Each week will feature a story and a related food creation geared especially towards our younger students. Explore stories and the wonders of creating our own edible treats! Accommodations will be made for those with dietary restrictions.
Teacher: Aurora Parrish, Redwood Art Teacher. Limit: 12 students; About this class: In this exciting class, we will explore sewing (non-traditional), weaving, embroidery and stuffing. Your young artist can choose their own subject matter ranging from tapestries to an abstract sculpture or a stuffed, creative creation.
Teacher: Ashley Coning, Redwood Science Teacher; Limit: 10 students; About this class: Dive into the world of science, technology, engineering and math! Our young scientists will explore the scientific process through hands on experiments and engaging demonstrations.
Teacher: Beth Ellen Rosenbaum, Redwood Music Teacher. Limit: 6 additional students. About this class: Directed by our music teacher, Ms. Rosenbaum, we will sing happy songs, silly songs, songs from many lands, and more! We’ll start with fun warm-ups that will get our minds and bodies in gear for singing. We’ll learn about posture, breath control, and how to produce a beautiful sound together. Redwood Redbirds will meet once a week for the entire fall semester, and we’ll showcase what we’ve learned for friends and family at the end of the session. We’re also planning to bring our show on the road for some community service!
Teacher: Alicia Vance, Lower Elementary Teacher; Limit: 10 students; About this class: Do you want your child to have better focus, self-discipline, balance, coordination, and build confidence? But more importantly would your child like to try their hand at shooting a bow and arrow? In this extracurricular, you will learn safety, the parts of a bow, how it works, the proper stance, how to load the arrow, and aim during this hands on introduction to archery!
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You will be invoiced for the total above. Payment must be received prior to the first class of the session.